Maxi Micro Scooter Raspberry - F7STAPR9Q

Maxi Micro Scooter Raspberry - F7STAPR9Q

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  • The Maxi Micro from Micro Scooters is the original 3 wheeled scooter. Swiss designed and engineered the scooter is often imitated but never surpassed. Buy from the innovators and inventors of the Micro scooter. All genuine Micro scooters are Swiss designed and engineered, use quality parts and manufacturing processes and are built to last.

  • Micro Scooters are the pioneers in lean to steer technology. With a Maxi Micro a child leans in the direction they want to go making the Maxi Micro incredibly intuitive. It also means your child will learn how to scoot easily and confidently.

  • The Maxi Micro has an adjustable handlebar height meaning the scooter will grow with your child. You won't need to buy another scooter as the handlebar height goes up as your child does! The Maxi Micro helps to build co-ordination and fine motor skills as a child needs to lean in the direction they want to go.

  • The Swiss designed Maxi Micro has a substantial rear brake (some scooters don't have a brake at all) puncture and mark free wheels. The robust frame, aluminium steering column and substantial yet lightweight footplate makes the Maxi Micro a tough, strong and long lasting scooter.

  • The handlebar is easy to remove allowing for easy storage or transportation. Learning to ride the scooter is easy and simple. Children will love the confidence they get in mastering the scooter. Whether the scooter will be used for the school run, for trips to the park or every day fun the Maxi Micro is the scooter to do it on.

  • Maxi Micro Scooter Raspberry - F7STAPR9Q