Flames 'N Games 2 Panel Hacky Sack - Black & White - H9630U1KS

Flames 'N Games 2 Panel Hacky Sack - Black & White - H9630U1KS

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  • Top quality Flames N Games pro freestyle hacky sacks AKA Footbags filled with sand.

  • Perfect hacky sacks for stalls & delays! Ideal for beginners.

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  • These 2 panel footbags (Hacky Sacks) are perfect and possibly the best ones for stalls and delays! Each and every one of our footbags is filled with purified sand and stitched with super tough thread to help stop any leakage. The sand filling gives the foot bag extra weight and causes it to sit on your foot much easier than a plastic filled footbag. All our hacky sacks are hand stitched and made from ultra soft suede like material which feels great and come in many vibrant new colour combinations that will help you to show off those skills in style! These under filled footbags are best for stalls and delays! Machine washable! Hacky Sack Specs: Weight: approx 50g

  • Panel Recommendations: If you want a hacky sack just for stalls, catches and delays you need to choose one with less panels (2-6). The big panels create a larger flat surface area that will be landing on your foot. The larger flat surface area reduces the amount of roll. If your aim is to do 50 more kicks than stalls and delays then you need a hacky sacks that kicks straight and true every time. For this you need a bag that has 6-32 panels. The more panels the firmer and rounder the shape of your footbag will be which makes the bag much easier to kick straight up and consistently every time and will make your records stay nice and high!

  • Flames 'N Games 2 Panel Hacky Sack - Black & White - H9630U1KS